Power generation Industries


  • Coating of water and gas pipelines
  • In situ repairs of eroded bends
  • On line repair leakages for water, gas and oil
  • Structural coatings for aggressive environments like chemical fumes, offshore environment etc.
  • Chimney coatings
  • Tanks and vessels coatings
  • Coating of cooling tower and other pipelines
  • Pipe wrapping of underground fire water lines or buried pipes
  • Chemical Resistant Coatings/lining in DM plants
  • Coating and repair of condenser box and tube sheets
  • Coating of water boxes
  • Refurbishment of concrete tanks & structures
  • Refurbishment of foundations
  • Repairs and refurbishment of salt lagoon
  • Repairs of Wagon tippler
  • Repairs of coal mill bunkers
  • Floor coatings at turbine floor,workshop  and control panel room.
  • Heavy Duty Industrail Flooring in Central Workshop.
  • To arrest leakage in transformers
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