Glass Flake Coating


KoroglassKoroglass series is a glass flake reinforced system in which laminar glass fillers are embedded in solvent free matrix of Epoxy resin. This high performance epoxy coating system are recommended for enhanced protection to metal and concrete against erosion, corrosion and attack of chemicals. Its extremely low permeability with relatively high abrasion and chemical resistance helps to protect various industrial equipment like pumps, pipes tanks vessels, structures etc.


  • Koroglass 100
  • Koroglass 200
  • Koroglass 1000
  • Koroglass FG
  • Koroguard GF


  • Pump castings / impeller
  • Cooling tower header
  • Tanks & Vessels
  • Internal & External surface of pipelines
  • Condenser Tube plates & Water boxes
  • Offshore platforms
  • Penstocks

Typical Properties

Thickness for 2 coats

500-1000 microns

Coverage for single coat

1-1.5 m2 /kg

Temperature Resistance (Dry Condition)

110 0C

Working time for 100 gms at R.T

40-45 minutes

Hardness shore D


Chemical Resistance

Passes ASTM D 6943

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