Glass Flake Coating


Glass Flake CoatingThe principle of Glass Flake coating system lies in providing laminar glass fillers with tortuous path through the resin binder so that the corrosive ions traveling through the binder have to travel a much longer distance. The distance traveled will depend upon the thickness of the flakes and the number of layers of glass flakes in a given coating.
Glass Flake Coating

Energy Efficient Coatings

Energy Efficient CoatingsWe offer different grades of these special coating systems which provide tortuous path in order to protect the substrate from attack of corrosive environment. All these speciality coating systems designed by us are with 100% solids; which means absence of volatile substances so that the deposited coating remains intact during the curing process.

Salient Features

  • Tortuous path
  • Glass flakes provide a tough impermeable barrier suitable for steel and concrete surfaces
  • Low lateral shrinkage during cure
  • High substrate/ coating bond strength
  • Extremely good resistance to under cutting , long term protection with longer maintenance-free life
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Composite dimensional stability
  • Good resistance to cathodic disbonding
  • Excellent resistance to severe corrosive and abrasive environment
  • Co-efficient of thermal expansion is similar to low carbon steel
  • Excellent resistance to salt spray test
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