Glass Flake Coating


ChemglassChmeglass series is a matrix of Glass flakes and vinyl ester co-polymer 100% solventless coating systems which offers excellent chemical and corrosion resistance properties. This three component high build system with heavy duty impermeable chemical resistant barrier is suitable for metal and concrete surface protection . The cured film is having excellent corrosion resistance, highly impermeable to protect the substrate from concentrated Acid/Alkali attacks in immersed conditions.


  • Chemglass 150
  • Chemglass 1000
  • Chemglass FG
  • Chemguard GF


  • Structures subjected to attack of concentrated Acid/Alkali solutions.
  • Pressure Vessels.
  • Brine and Chemical Tank Lining.
  • Acid/Alkali splash & Spillage
  • Mineral processing Industries.
  • Internal Surface of Chimney.
  • Scrubber lining for Flue Gas.
  • Acid Tank Lining
  • Battery room coating

Typical Properties

Thickness for 2 coats

250-500 microns

Coverage for single coat

2-3.0 m2/kg

Temperature Resistance (Dry Condition)

120 0C

Working time for 100 gms at R.T

15-18 minutes

Hardness shore D


Chemical Resistance

Passes ASTM D 6943

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