About Us


Demech Chemical is engaged in providing products and long-term solutions to Industries particularly in Core Sector for prevention of erosion and corrosion of equipments, pumps, pipelines, tanks, vessels, structures and floorings.

Demech Chemicals started operations in 1993 in collaboration with Felpro of USA, offering metal repair and maintenance products & wear and abrasion resistant compounds. With continuous investment in research and development the Company has enlarged its product range, which now includes high performance specialty coatings, industrial flooring, grouting crusher compounds, and oil absorbent products.

Demech Chemical services a wide range of Industries, including Power generation, Steel, Mining, Marine, Cement,Paper, Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas, Fertilisers and Chemicals, Sugar and Water & Waste water treatment.

Corrosion and wear & abrasion pose a threat to many Industries, leading to shut downs, efficiency decline, increase in energy/maintenance costs and safety hazards. Demech Chemical has developed high performance specialty coatings such as glass flake filled coatings which provide long term preventive solutions for these threats.

Demech Chemical has recently entered into collaboration with KEMICA of France who are leaders in the field of high performance Polyurethane and Polyurea-urethane resins for applications on concrete and steel for any corrosion, flooring, or water proofing problem.

Demech Chemical provides total solution, right from diagnosing the problem, to recommending the solution, providing the right product and more importantly application of the product to the satisfaction of the Customer.

Demech Chemical has state of the art ISO 9001-2008 Certified manufacturing facility at Baramati near Pune.

Demech Chemical’s parent company Deccan Mechanical and Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd is a market leader in the field of engineering products and services including Ash handling systems, Material handling equipments, Wear and abrasion resistant products, Spirally welded steel pipes, and Industrial safety footwear.
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